About Us

The BurstOut team would like to thank you and the network of contributing writers for their support. We are proud to showcase our website, it being an example of our dedication to our mantra and vision. 

BurstOut is a ‘premier urban magazine’, providing definitive coverage of literature, music, art, fashion, technology, business and culture. Dreamers, rising, aspiring, and up and coming successes have a community with the magazine; a place where they can learn how to forge ahead, persevere, and make their goals a reality. 

BurstOut immerses itself in what will be next, and how to be it by leading readers on paths aimed at achieving success. We are aware that everyone is just trying to make their best way in life, we believe that to be unifying quality of the human-race, everyone wants to achieve and has dreams. For this reason, BurstOut is first and foremost a magazine for people - people who want to achieve, and dream bigger - therefore it is a magazine for everyone. 

             Editor-in-Chief                                                                   Chairman of The Board RJTIO
               Aaron West                                                                                     R.J. Tolson

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