How I Stood Up to Negativity and Began Loving Myself

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Amelia Sophie, BurstOut Magazine, Contributor

After relocated from the United Kingdom to Australia in 1998 Zoe Bell became went on a journey to become a Yoga/Movement coach, Body Therapist, Reiki Master, holistic health and meditation Coach. She is also a Published Author on Amazon, writes for the Successful Male Magazine and a presenter on an online magazine, based in the U.S.

Like many, I wanted to ‘fit in and belong’. I would flip between groups, tasting here and there and still feeling like the misfit. This would be the theme and perfect training that would come next. Like many, it is time to embrace and fall in love with your inner wild, your unique diversity is your raw inner sexy and there is no one like you. The bitches taught me well, as they saw the depth of beauty and raw sensuality that I was unwilling to see.

They were my teachers, to stay on my path and following my soul calling. So when another throws the jealous taunts your way, know and trust that what they see is whom they wish to be. They feel threatened by you, and they see your edge and inner strength of courage. They huddle in groups to feel safe and it’s OK to be the ONE who learns to walk alone.

Until we can walk alone, we never break-free and find our TRUE SELF.

They may also be holding up a MIRROR of TRUTH to what you are unwilling to see and possibly your own projected FEAR, the lessons are never-ending.
It’s time to expose the truth about the bitchiness that goes on outside the yoga room. The spiritual bullshit PREACHING in the room, the regurgitated stream of bulimic words that they have read somewhere, YET have not yet integrated. Once you wake-up, you will feel true integrity or smell the bullshit when something is OFF!!

So many will be your best-mate in the room, yet outside will never say “hi” in the change rooms. I have had some shockers, who have invited me to the studio party, to simply be invited for the live entertainment, in an attempt to feed of the pain, following a relationship break-up! That was a great lesson as painful as it was at the time, this was an opportunity to become more detached from it and turn the attention inwards, to reclaim my power, set boundaries, walk away and retreat peacefully to the solitude of my yoga mat and the peaceful calm of my meditation. To be in a place of gratitude, to FORGIVE and choose to act in peace rather then react.

So it is time to break-free of the entanglement of the small-minded vampire energy. The ones who will feed off you, then spit you out in a heartbeat. They are hungry for the STORY, the next News-feed, the GOSSIP.

It’s funny, as I would have made the headlines many a times. Know this, the more people that are talking about you, the more of an impact you are having!

This is a poem to cut through the rough, the karmic mess that they leave and to shift with loving ease, as YOU are coming back to the powerful you.

Vampires INSPIRED —from my book “The Adventures of Pinky Fairway”

The more I SEE
The more I HEAR
The deeper I FEEL
The unspoken words
The back stabbing remarks
I feel their mouths watering
For their next feed
Blood sucking Vampires,
Of the day and night!
Wanting a free ride,
I would rather retreat into
My safe warm haven
Than entertain bitches
Disguised as witches
Feeding Frenzy awaiting.
Not able to stand on their own
They huddle in groups,
Hiding behind one another
The fake pretences
Bitter responses
Cutting tongues
Unkind remarks.
I stand proud in my truth
With pride and honour,
Amongst women who are worthy,
Who own their truth
Respecting one another.
It’s a path I’ve learnt well,
Many a time eating dirt as I fell
No longer sucking me dry,
For I am protected, riding high,
I want to retreat into a world full of love
With no competition
Keeping us apart.
To be our uniqueness and
Not a carbon copy
Fuck off and do the work!
They want a free ride
with no fucking idea
Of what I’ve overcome.
So move over and get out of my way,
Do your time ladies
Eat some dirt,
Get down on your knees
And do the inner work,
You’re own unique way!
No longer are you sucking me dry
I take back my nipple, you question WHY?
This is your journey and
Yours alone.
Be inspired, YES.
And for Fuck sake,
LEARN to walk on your OWN.
Only few women I’ve felt in my heart
A truth and love,
For many we are oceans apart
I feel brothers I connect deeply with,
Who hold a hand out if I need,
Never backstabbing
Or sneaking a free feed!
For I am a warrior,
who OWNS her TRUTH,
Takes no victims,
Is willing to walk alone
As I will lead.

Enjoy my words and heartfelt inspiration. A Journey of inner work, to now be shared with you the reader and to create a ripple effect and wave of FREEDOM, LOVE, PEACE and HARMONY.

A change maker making noise and what society would refer to as a trouble-maker!

Let’s all learn to own our behaviour and treat others how we wish to be treated, Love is the anti-dote to dissolve hate.

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