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Victoria Raine has been writing poetry since she was a teenage girl. After a poetry writing assignment in 9th grade, her English teacher Ms. Garnet asked to see her after class, and requested she bring in anything else she had written, after reviewing her work she encouraged Victoria to continue writing. Since then, Victoria Raine has filled countless notebooks and only recently decided to publish her work. 

Victoria is a published poet and owner
 of Kairos Cards in Virginia Beach
Blood on Paper is the first book published in 2014. Victoria Raine is an Art Curator for 35th Street Gallery in Norfolk Virginia and Art Curator for Coastal Virginia Arts.Coastal Virginia Arts is dedicated to helping artists, charities and the local art community. Showcasing artist and photographers throughout all of Virginia. Offering our artwork to the world. Artists affiliated with Coastal Virginia Arts support local charities by offering a percentage of profits to charities through giclee/print sales.

Victoria Raine is the owner of Kairos Cards in Virginia Beach, Virginia specializing in cards with heartfelt messages capturing your treasured moments with poetic prose and specialized artwork for each collection. Her cards will begin featuring upcoming artist for new collections in 2017. 

Victoria resides in Virginia Beach, Virginia where she enjoys her gardens and her dogs Samson, Gypsy and Sophie, and her cat Sasha. Her son lives on the west coast who is a musician and writer.

Here is Victoria’s recent poem ‘Entertain Us’:

Go ahead and take your bow 
We watch you before us
pleasing the crowd

What they want 
you give so well

It matters to no one 
that creating this
was it's own special hell 

Who cares if you 
almost lost all control
As long as you leave us
with your soul 

Completion was only
to give you some 
semblence of relief 
who cares if you
had to be consumed
by your own grief

We watch you 
leave it all on the stage 
We leave with a heart rush 
Feeling a little bit crazed 

The tortured soul 
Before our eyes
We get to witness
it die alittle tonight 

This from you
Some piece of your heart 
That you give away
the moment you start 

The madness and genius
rolled into one 
We all know 
You really are 
Your own blazing sun

The light alone 
Belongs only to you

You transfixed us all
And we're entwined 
with your muse 

Not one bit of you
will we refuse
We want it all
And alittle bit more

And you give it all away
It's why you are
the one whom we adore 

The only thing we want is
More more more 

Just one more curtain call 
You are only here
to entertain us all

As long as you leave us 
throughly enthralled 
Deeper in love 
with you we fall 

Victoria is currently editing her 2nd book 'Unrequited' - due out Summer 2017.

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