6 Ways Your Start-Up Can Effectively Use Human Resources

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Amelia Sophie, BurstOut Magazine, Contributor

Responsible for developing and executing the human resource strategy, development, and implementation. Area's of responsibility include recruiting, on-boarding, talent management/development, employee benefits, and the corporate strategy.

Human resources refer to the individuals who make up the workforce of an organization, sector, business, or economy. Start-up usually refers to an establishment such as a small business, an organization or a partnership designed to rapidly develop into a competitive one. For startups to rapidly grow as aimed, there is a need for the human resources to be maximally utilized. In fact, the success of the new establishment solely depends on the level of engagement of the workers. 

Of course, startups cannot afford the large salaries and wages being paid by big companies, yet there are other ways make the most of your human resources. Some of them are discussed below:

1. Proper recruitment 
The first factor to be considered is recruitment. When qualified individuals are recruited to suitable positions, it provides them with lots of motivation and hence increases efficiency. The success of recruitment relies on the standard you set as well as the qualifications required. One of the ways to achieve this is to publish the vacancy/job position across a variety media. After, the CVs received should be thoroughly scanned and only those with desired qualifications should be invited for interview

2. Manage your Human Resources
A start-up may not possess the required luxury of a line manager or a human resources department. Nevertheless, key aspects of human resources management should still be used; take your time to organize your employees through a proper time and leave management schedule, make sure motivation is high, diagnose low productivity to manage it, and reward high productivity with encouragement

3. Address all issues that arise
To avoid withdrawal of workers, many managers often refuse to deal with poorly performing workers. Instead, such a worker is transferred to another department where they will be of less harm. But this does not solve the problem; instead good management should reinforce hard work and at the same time, penalize poor performance. 

4. Enhance your skills, bettering performance and allowing further career development
Workers should not just be exploited. Workers are always of the opinion that their current job is not the best fit for them when there is no clear career development to them. Hence, the manager of a successful startup should make arrangements to further broaden the careers of workers - through seminars, training, discussions, and lectures. This will both better their performance at work and equip them with skills they can use to develop their career.

5. Identify weakness in your human resources 
Start-ups need to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses in order for management to place the right people in the right positions and recruit where necessary, addressing the weak areas. Start-up managers need to be very familiar with the abilities of the human resources and be able to identify weaknesses. Doing this will guarantee maximum utilization of the human resources available.

6. Technology!
In order to effectively utilize human resources, we need technology! Technology has undoubtedly contributed to efficiency. Many workers are now more engaged due to technology being used to ease their work. For start-ups, both good management and a well-equipped, tech-savvy workplace can go a long way in increasing the frequency and depth of workers’ engagement.

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