The Top 8 Hot Construction Trends of 2016

BurstOut Magazine Article Photo of The Art Gallery of Alberta (Formerly Edmonton Art Gallery)
Photo Courtesy: The Art Gallery of Alberta (Formerly Edmonton Art Gallery) under construction as of November 17, 2009 in Edmonton Alberta.

Amelia Sophie, BurstOut Magazine, Contributor

Amelia Sophie
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In this article, we are defining the latest trends in the construction industry this year which helps both buyers and makers to improve their strategies on how to spend their money in right place.

We shape our buildings, and afterward our building shape us.

Everyone knows its December here so let’s talk about the hot trends of the year which give the great impact on commercial building in this year. The hottest trends of commercial and home building construction are not like glass sinks and marble floor it’s something which understands with tricky minds that how to move with latest trends and achieve our goals of success easily.

“I don’t build in order to have clients; I have clients in order to build.”

1. Be ready to pay more to your worker

Let’s start with the good one that government announces the increment in labor wages due to unemployment factor. In annual survey report show the tendency that construction employment is now upgraded at its peak point since January 2009.

2. Energy efficiency become the biggest trend

Nowadays it’s an important factor while making any home building competence the energy which is not the unexpected element. The builder is using the new techniques and make sure to spend their budget on those areas which make the home greener and also fascinating for the home buyers. Improve the ‘R’ value of a home by using the cavities and attics. The constructions builder tries their hard to build a house which is energy efficient and create a good environment.

3. Revolution in construction continually improving

Innovation in everything either it’s in our personal life or in an official life it’s become a part of everyone life. People must follow the latest technology and gain benefits from their usage. Right now in the field of construction builders Barrow in Furness plan the architecture and design maker mostly use the cutting-edge software for designing and using the latest techniques for completion any building project. They use the laptops and tablets to make the planning; implementing the ideas and get the fruitful results by using the trendy strategies.

4. Select the quality appliances in the new building trends

Homes envelop like installation the doors and windows in homes and commercial stores solid roofing become the most important for the buyers. Energy saving schemes like green home rules and solar energy, wind power plans. Select the high-quality appliance like awnings, canopies, gives the best orientations to the new buildings.

5. Indoor rock climbing gyms the new concept of fitness

In 2015 there is a huge trend of Ping-Pong and ballet facilities. In 2016, Chicago introduced the new trend for families, individuals, and baby boomers to climbing the rock it’s become a trend in some festivals or birthday parties to playing a game and everyone participate in it. It is not taking a vast place so it becomes a trend in construction building to make these types of indoor rock climbing gyms for the workout.

6. Customization the restaurants going on boom

People always want an organic and healthy food. Now a day’s restaurant gives an exclusive experience to the food lovers according to the survey almost 76% people prefer to eat healthily and stay healthy. It’s also confirmed by the reports that the sales of the restaurants skyrocketed 30% over the past five years. More green restaurants become more hot trends into the industry.

7. The concept of “Small is beautiful” is going on boost 

In residential areas, the builder mostly made the building in small areas with a full package of facilities these small areas usually called “micro apartments” or “tiny homes”. Home constructions designers give full facilities which are necessary for standard livings.  These tiny homes are giving huge benefits for those who have a lack of money and can’t afford the luxury homes. This time homes you can see in lead urban areas where purchasing land or building is much difficult. So constructions builders Barrow in Furness made the micro apartments to try to facility everyone. You can see the big example in china where 57 story and 800 apartments skyscraper.

8. Housing will continue to be all about renovations

New builds can’t compete with the old homes people prefer to renovate their old homes with latest techniques and methods. According to a surveyFree Articles, more than half of landowners refuse to move or sell their property in future. And it sounds amazing the young homeowners who are around 34 going to make their home to renovate and they also not think about to buy new luxury homes.


I’m sure there are plenty of more trends in constructions area which gives the great impact to your building in 2016. What did I miss? Or what're new ideas you have in your minds? Leave a comment below.

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