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There are currently over 2 billion mobile users around the world. That number continues to grow, after eclipsing and overtaking the number of desktop/laptop users in 2014. Which, along with the fact that 90% of time spent on mobile is on apps, is a hugely untapped and uncapitalised market. If you are going to be a truly 21st century business then you need to have mobile presence, whether that be an app or a mobile-friendly website. Did you know that 91% of small business websites are not mobile-friendly - that is an astonishing number, and the scale of the collective revenue-loss as a result of that is incomprehensible. Mobiles are an irrefutable part of modern life, and yet businesses still lag behind.

Epic is a consulting firm which specialises in business development, and have recently included app development as part of that. With connections to industry specialists, small businesses can see their revenue and capital grow to numbers unseen without utilising this largely untapped market.

Considering that in recent years we’ve seen the rise of the mobile and tablet, over the desktop/laptop, it is staggering that spending on mobile advertising is dwarfed by spending on total internet advertising - $13b to $50b. To an even higher extent, social media ads only represent about 14 percent of digital ad spending. Fortunately Epic offers their clients expert advice and guidance on how to capitalise on this - through branding, marketing, and social media engagement.

In the summer of 2012 RJ Tolson began his business and marketing consultancy firm, “The Epic Consulting Firm”. Specialising in a wide range of consulting services, Epic offers the best business services to potential clients who want to excel. Aso offering premium business plans, design ideas, innovative solutions, and strategies that are fit and tailored to clients’ needs and goals.

Writing this, a question occurred to me: How do you even “start” a start-up? It is a question which sounds almost too simple, and one which I hadn’t thought of before. Yet knowing the answer is the key to business in our age - we are living in the age of the start-up. Googling this question comes up with things like “Communicate with peers who have been there and done that”. Lucky for any who has a grand idea, one which they want to make a reality, Epic has a team of people who have “been there and done that”, offering you outstanding advice and guidance, taking you step-by-step to your success.

Whether you need help with branding or legalities, Epic has you covered, being specialised in Branding, Management, Advertising, Start-ups, Law, business strategy, app development, and social media.

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