Album Review: Gucci Mane’s ‘Woptober’

Hermione Sylvester
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Hermione is an English student at Queen Mary University in London, UK. She also is the music editor of CUB magazine, the university's arts and culture magazine.

The American Rapper, Gucci Man (real name - Radric Delantic Davis) has never been shy of controversy. Violent outbursts, stints in psychiatric hospital and a recent prison sentence are just some of the struggles he has had to overcome.

Recently being released from prison back in May, Mane has now been working in the studio – releasing Everybody Looking in July and now Woptober.  

It opens with the swaggering, muscle flexing ‘Intro: Fuck 12’, where Mane brags: “I made more money than them and I was in jail cell”. It’s a confident start to an album that juxtaposes this narcissism with confessional-like stories that are raw and self-effacing (‘Dirty Lil Ni**a’), which makes you wonder if the egotistical Mane is genuine.  

Unfortunately, this intrigue soon evaporates. As the album progresses, it slogs along with the same lethargic beat. There’s no imaginative turning point or change in tone. Tracks like ‘Love her Body’ and ‘The Left’ seem dated and reminded me of Flo Rida’s 808-drum beats in his song ‘Low’. I wouldn’t take that as a compliment.

It is all end with the song ‘Addicted’, where the recurring line “Hi my name is Gucci Mane, I'm addicted to everything” acts as a hook to every verse. Mane tries to come face to face with his addiction – “But I can't blame nobody but myself, it starts with myself”. Tragedy also lurks with every corner, where the repetition of the hook suggests it’s a constant and recurring battle. It’s a dignified song that has stripped away the bravado of the opener to reveal the raw truth of Mane’s personal demons. It’s the album’s highlight.  

VERDICT: Dull at times, but the revealing tales and honorable revelations is enough to keep this album afloat. Just.  


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