24 Hour Walking Tour of Granada, Spain

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The city of Granada is a monument to the diverse history of Spain. Here in this beautiful city, you will find cultural monuments such as the beautiful Alhambra palace and the ancient Arabic neighborhoods. Also, don’t forget: Granada is one of the best cities for typical Andalusian foods!

Here’s how you can enjoy the best of Granada in less than 24 hours using just your own two feet! 

The Alhambra

This is a highlight of Granada, and one of its most historical remnants. You’ll start your day here, first by wandering through the gardens of Generalife, where the ancient kings of this city went to relax. From here you can get some beautiful views of the palace buildings. After, take your tour through the interior. Wandering through these ancient halls will send you back to another time period, one where this area was governed by the Moors and Islamic culture bloomed. 

The beautiful intricacies of the architecture, the many halls, courtyards, fountains, and windows looking off to the city below, all make for a stunning building which captures the ancient feel of this palace. The detailing in every corner and on every inch of the walls, doorways, and pillars will astound you. 

When you stand inside the Alhambra, you are standing in what was once the residence of royalty, and stood as the final fortress of the Moorish empire, which was overthrown on this spot in 1492 by Christian Spain. 

Book your tickets far in advance for visiting the Alhambra, as they sell out very quickly. Also, keep in mind that you will have to book a time slot to visit the Nasrid Palace area. 

Time needed: 2-3 hours 

The Plaza Nueva 

To get to your next destination, walk down through the forested paths from the Alhambra, pass the Pomegranate Gate and some eclectic Arabic shops until you reach an open plaza area. Wandering through the plaza, you will probably see some live music playing, or other types of performances such as flamenco dancing. 

I don’t recommend stopping for lunch at any of the tapas bars in the plaza, as many of these tend to be tourist traps and are overpriced. Instead, turn right from where you entered the plaza towards where the river flows from, and follow this narrow, cobblestoned street to our next destination.

Time needed: 45 minutes

Paseo de los Tristes 

This street gives an absolutely stunning view of the Alhambra palace towering above on the hillside. There are many restaurants along this road that offer authentic Spanish meals for average prices. If the weather is right, take one of the tables along the cobblestoned plaza and listen to live flamenco music while gazing up at the view. The prices are average (not cheap), but the atmosphere is absolutely worth it. 

If you’re looking for something a bit cheaper, check out one of the tapas bars tucked into the opposite side of the street along the narrow part of the road, such as Minotauro, a brewery and tapas bar with good food and excellent prices. I recommend the papas a lo pobre (poor man’s potatoes)! 

Time needed: 1-2 hours 


Head back towards Plaza Nueva and take the street that seems to go straight upwards from the plaza in the opposite direction of the Alhambra. This area, known as the Albaicyn, is full of beautiful cobblestoned streets and cultural variety. You’ll find the Arabic market on Calle Caldereria Nueva (to the left), which has many small shops full of beautiful trinkets, jewelry, and more! Along this road, there are many tea shops (teterias) where you can settle down after your meal with a hot cup of flavorful tea and some typical Arabic pastries.

After you’ve finish here, take any street that looks like it’s going up and wander your way through this neighborhood to our next destination.

Time needed: 1-2 hour 

Mirador San Nicholas 

At the top of the hillside opposite the Alhambra, you will get an absolutely stunning view of the ancient palace complex, complete with the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountains behind and the bustling city of Granada below. You’ll find vendors selling trinkets and a group of men playing flamenco music on the wall, all of which just adds to the atmosphere. Check online to see when the sun sets at the time of year that you are visiting so that you don’t miss this stunning view. 

You’ll probably need to either check with Google maps or ask a local to find this plaza, because I seem to lose it every time I go to Granada. Another option would be to follow all of the foreign-looking tourists, who are also going there.

Stand on the edge of the plaza as the sun goes down over the city of Granada and your day in this beautiful area comes to a close. 

Time needed: 30 minutes to 1 hour

Tips for Visiting Granada: 

Bring good shoes, because you will be walking up and down on uneven roads. Try to plan your trip in either spring or autumn to enjoy the best weather and least amount of tourists. If you want to extend your trip, you can visit some of Granada’s fascinating museums, or go on a shopping spree in the modern shopping neighborhood (head left from Plaza Nueva and follow the main road, called Calle Reyes Católicos). 

Granada is a city full of culture, history, and beauty. Taking your two feet through its winding roads and historic areas will give you the best view of this fascinating city. 

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